Sunday, June 03, 2007



This is my brother Mickey. I was a bit bored today so I played with his photo in photoshop. I know this is not much of a photo anymore...but heck, who cares... :)


Jemini said...

Hello this is a lovely photoshopping of a photo I love how it almost feels like a comic, and I'm a 1st time visitor so I checked out your other works and you take very lovely shots. You seem to have masterful skill with your camera.

Great work.

Adria said...

Cool! This would make a great cinqpic (check out my blog to see what I mean). Love your blog.

Louis said...

Jemini: thanks for the compliment! I hope you visit more often! I try to update this blog daily! :)

adria: Cool blog! I just emailed this as a cinqpic!! :D