Friday, June 29, 2007



Ok, Back to Bohol... We booked a tour to see dolphins near Pamalican Island. I was hestiant at first to bring my cam along but heck, I don't get to shoot dolphins everyday! Good thing I had my 18-200 lens on my cam so shooting dolphins from afar was a tad easier. It was really difficult to shoot them since the boat was constantly moving with the waves and I couldn't really predict where the dolphins would pop out! Anyway, these are cropped shots already since they weren't that near at our boat.


Michelle said...

i know exactly what you mean! when we were in bohol we tried taking photos, and even video. unfortunately we would go on panic mode whenever they appear and disappear from the frame so... walang photos! but they look amazing!

chelot said...

ang galing!!!

Louis said...

michelle: mukhang nakita ko yata yung pictures niyo nun.. parang picstures lang ng tubig! pero ang hirap nga talaga! machine gun mode camera ko nun kasi impossible halos pa predict when sila tatalon!

Chelot: Salamat! bumibisita ka pala talaga s ablog ko :P

neenyoh said...

Cropped eto louis? In fairness, it doesn't look like one. Nice shot