Monday, April 24, 2006

Rivermaya Gig at Arruba


I was really busy the past few days and I didn't have the time to update this blog. I watched Rivermaya at Arruba last Wednesday night and here are some photos. I'll post a link here to the rest of the photos as soon as I fix all of them and upload them in my Flickr site. :)


~Lalalaaand said...

Louis, nice shots! I like the second to the last one, yung shot na hindi ko na makikilala yung rivermaya and it could have been any other band... dramatic. :)

when will you be free pala?

tanya said...

yes... these types of gig photos... although mas maganda siguro kung may mga colored lights... parang lomography na colorsplash... :P

anyway.. nice nice!

Louis said...

thanks guys! :) free for what Lala??

bonsai said...

wagi! sa susunod wag kalimutan mag charge ng bat! :)