Wednesday, April 26, 2006

April's House in Tagaytay


Last Black Saturday my mom asked me to drive her to Tagaytay to visit her highschool friend who has a house there. Her highschool friend's daughter is my highschool friend because she was the highschool classmate of my ex girlfriend.. Small world! Well here are the pictures that I took when I went to their beautiful house.


HANS said...

Nice house nga. Even nicer pics (naks!). Excluding the second and the last one, they're really good. Pang-brochure.

Louis said...

Haha Thanks Hans! Yung 2 na yun din yung Fav ko of this set!

Anonymous said...

great pics, louis! i'll have the one with the staircase printed and put in the house?

- the daughter of your mom's highschool's friend who is also your highschool friend since i'm the friend of your ex-girlfriend :)