Saturday, August 09, 2008

Ateneo Vs. FEU


I watched the Ateneo vs. FEU game this afternoon and brought my new cam to test its high ISO capabilities.. and all I can say is.. I'm fuckin impressed!!!! The 5fps was really sweet! 
:P I was used to using my old D70s which only went up to ISO 1600 and only usable until ISO 800. These shots were straight from the cam in ISO 2000 hires jpeg mode. I only cropped some of them a bit because my seat wasn't that fantastic as you can see at the last photo in this set. Sorry I know these are not tack sharp, the lens that I used was just my trusty nikon 18-200vr and not a pro lens coz I don't own one... yet hehe! :D


neenyoh said...

Binondo was protecting the spread on this game. i think the magic figure was ateneo +5. damn referees and mafia is destroying the purity of the game.

i was there louis. sayang hindi tayo nagkita.. i had an extra seat beside me. we're like the third row of the lower box already. Sayang.

Louis said...

Yun din yung naisip namin ni johann eh! Grabe yung calls ng ref during the final mins of the game! Obvious na pinapahabol for the spread nga!!! Buti nalang nanalo talaga kung hindi badtrip yun!