Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Fishing Trip Part 1


I went on a fishing trip last Dec 29 with may family somewhere in Cavity City. It was actually a bangus fish pen and you get to buy and cook what you caught at the place! hehe! The place was pretty hardcore but it was really fun and the food was great! We brought about 3 cases of beer and drank the whole day while fishing! :d


~Lalalaaand said...

Louis! Happy New Year!
Happy Birthday!!! :)

bertN said...

Do they provide you with a fishing pole and baits. Do bangus give you a fight when hooked?

Louis said...

Thanks lala!! happy new year! :D

BertN: We brought our own fishing poles but they do have the simple kawayan pole that you can use. The bait is free too! :D Yup they do even the small ones give a mean fight! :D

bertN said...

I would love to fish for bangus when I get a chance - it will be "catch and eat" instead of "catch and release" LOL.