Sunday, December 09, 2007



I'm going to start a new hobby! Airsoft! :D I always wanted to get into airsoft way back when I was still in college but of course I didn't have the finances to fund it back then..hehe! When my ex officemate invited me to join them play I jumped at the chance and bought myself my own airsoft gun! I got a m14 last wednesday and I just bought a red dot sight just this afternoon! I'm still waiting for the M4 carbine model that I really want to arrive at the store since they are out of right now. Now all I need is to do find time to play... which is the hardest part! :(


Sam said...

and don't forget your gloves! WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Louis said...

Shet ka! wahahahahahaha! mejo masikip eh hahahaha