Saturday, May 26, 2007

Outside Estima


These photos were taken on my last day at Estima which was last May 17. For those who haven't heard, yes I already resigned. Actually, 6 of us resigned all at the same time. :) I'll miss the place and some of the people who stayed behind. I can't believe that have worked there for 2 and a half years! Well goodluck to me and my ex officemates!


chelot said...

louis!!! chelot to... found your blog while hopping around. OMG, wut happened?

jesuschristsuperscar said...

where you now louis?

Louis said...

GIST.. si gema magnanakaw! ym kita next time when i see you online! kwento ko sayo in detail!

chelot said...

OMG!!! nakakaloka!

buzz mo lang ako i'm online from 9-6 weekdays.btw, nasa jwt na pala si ibyang... ako naman magkasama kami ni jay (u still remember him) here at Fuentes Publicity.

shet!juicy-juicy!!! kwento

link kita a.

Anonymous said...

Tamang tama, now hiring ang Chico's. Lagay mo lang ako sa referral.