Sunday, December 31, 2006



Yesterday, I was shooting my officemate's hand for one of our projects when Jaoqui entered the studio and asked me to take his photo for friendster. He was wearing this karate kid inspired headband. They were making a karate kid themed Hapinas episode I think. Hehe.


ian dela pena said...

was that you and bonsai I saw on channel 33? Naks!

Louis said...

haha yup thats our channel! That is whats keeping me busy lately. I'm the creative director while bons is the executive creative director. I handle most of the art stuff in that channel. Natuwa naman ako may nakanuod haha! :)

~Lalalaaand said...

LOUIS, mag-BLOG knaaaaa! :p
I wanna see Doray's pics! til the next shoot :)