Thursday, August 03, 2006

Nurture Spa Brochure Shoot


I had a photoshoot yesterday for the Nurture Spa Brochure that I designed for work. I was at the venue from 6am till almost 9pm i think. It was really tiring but it was worth it. These are soem of the photos that will be used in the brochure. The first photo will be cropped out and superimposed on a photo of clouds for the brochure's cover. It was my first time to shoot a complicated layout like the SPArty pic and now i'm craving for more lights! hehehe! Thanks for Fed btw for helping meout! :D


bonsai said...

talagang bato mo gawa mo hahaha

adi said...


o sorry. i just had to say something.

don't mind me. admiring the pics..! (oh, and this is a late "can i may i can i can i may i... pleease..?"

i promise to be quiet..!

Louis said...

Thanks Bernard! Btw, how did you find my blog i'm just curious?