Friday, June 02, 2006

Freaky Tradition


This photo was taken way back during my stay in Cavite last Holy Week. The background of this photo is a bit freaky. In our Parish Church in Cavite there are ladies selling candles outside the church they light these red candles as an offering to the the saints or whoever. They even have these human wax figures that you can buy and they would melt it with the candles. The Philippines is a predominantly Christian country and its really freaky that we have these paganistic tradition that people still believe in upto now. The fact that the church allows these vendors to continue doing this is even freakier!


Dantes said...

This is a very nice photographs. I want to learn photography too! You have great photographs! Very insipiring too! May I link you to my blog?! This is amazing!

Louis said...

Thanks! I'm glad you like my photographs! Sure! i'll liknk your blog to my blog as well. :)